Health Insurance

We offer employer-sponsored health plans providing full medical benefit coverage.  The challenge in today’s market is acquiring and maintaining a quality benefits package that is economically viable. Regulatory complexity can add to your over-head expense and consequently your bottom line. At Corporate Benefit Solutions, we implement an annual review process that maintains the most thorough and diligent examination of your benefits. We focus on a variety of health plans that have the potential to help control costs and potentially reduce your liability.  

At Corporate Benefit Solutions, we work with the leading carriers in Michigan and throughout the nation.

Our benefit consultants focus on the following strategies:

See How Corporate Benefit Solutions Can Streamline Your Business

Corporate Benefit Solutions is a new kind of agency that can address all your HR needs with one point of contact. We not only provide innovative benefit solutions, but we will also provide your business with one of a kind service and on-site support. Our team goes beyond traditional benefit packages by providing technology, education, and compliance solutions for your entire organization.  Our main goals are to streamline your HR department and to help your employees use, understand, and appreciate their benefits. 

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