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Corporate Benefit Solutions is a new kind of agency that can address all your HR needs with one point of contact. We not only provide innovative benefit solutions, but we will also provide your business with one of a kind service and on-site support. Our team goes beyond traditional benefit packages by providing technology, education, and compliance solutions for your entire organization.  Our main goals are to streamline your HR department and to help your employees use, understand, and appreciate their benefits. 


While we are headquartered in Michigan, we have a national presence and we serve our clients’ needs from coast to coast.  We have been providing group benefits to our clients since 1957, and we welcome the opportunity to serve you. 


​We offer a variety of different services and we have the experience to help you reduce costs while maintaining and enhancing your company’s level of benefits.


We will develop a comprehensive benefit offering that is suitable for your business.

HR Online

Our easy-to-use online HR admin system will streamline your entire process. 


We educate your employees to help them use, understand, and appreciate their benefits.


We offer an array of compliance solutions that help you stay up to date with changes in the marketplace.

Our Team

Meet The Executive Team

We have assembled some of the brightest individuals to create a top-notch team that works specifically toward achieving your satisfaction.  With a focus on excellence, our  management team has the experience level and knowledge base to help you and your company achieve its goals.


Tony Mattar, CLU, ChFC

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Fred Elias
Executive Consultant

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Steve Mattar, CLU, ChFC, AIF

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Dennis Marburger, MBA
Executive Consultant

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Steve Schutte
Executive Vice President

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Michelle Schutte
Senior Account Manager

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Hannah (2).jpg

Hannah Mattar
Account Manager

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Sharon Clemence
Office Manager

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See How Corporate Benefit Solutions Can Streamline Your Business

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