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Compliance Solutions

In today’s society, businesses are given the impossible task of staying compliant and up to date with all the thousands of rules & regulations in the benefits marketplace. At Corporate Benefit Solutions, we have you covered by assisting and coordinating all of the following regulatory issues:


  • Creating a Summary Plan Description/Wrap Document

  • Dependent Audit

  • Summary of Material Modifications Notices

  • Policy Structure and Administration Guidance 

  • Distribution of Summary of Benefits & Coverages

  • Affordability Standard Compliance

  • Minimum Essential Coverage Valuation

  • IRS Section 6055 & 6056 Reporting

  • Delivery of All Required PPACA Notices

  • Calculation of the PCORI & Transitional Reinsurance Fees

  • Preparation for Cadillac Tax 

Affordable Care Act

  • Creation and Delivery of Part D Creditable Coverage Notices

  • Group Retiree Plans

  • Distribution of Employer CHIP Notices

  • Consistent, non-biased & compliant administration of all FMLA Claims

  • Monitor & Track absences


FMLA Administration


Affordable Care Act

COBRA Administration

  • Delivery and Maintenance of Required Notices 

  • Collecting Payments & Processing Terminations

  • Notice of Privacy Practices Delivery

  • Covered Entity/Business Associates Review HITECH Guidance

HIPAA Compliance

  • Monitoring of Qualified HSA Expenses

  • Distribution of HSA Debit Cards

  • Tracking of Contribution

  • Maintenance of Plan Document

  • Monitoring of Qualified FSA Expenses

  • Distribution of FSA Debit Cards

  • Tracking of Contribution

HSA Administration

Section 125 Administration

(FSA & POP Plans)

Section 125

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