Compliance Solutions

In today’s society, businesses are given the impossible task of staying compliant and up to date with all the thousands of rules & regulations in the benefits marketplace. At Corporate Benefit Solutions, we have you covered by assisting and coordinating all of the following regulatory issues:


  • Creating a Summary Plan Description/Wrap Document

  • Dependent Audit

  • Summary of Material Modifications Notices

  • Policy Structure and Administration Guidance 

  • Distribution of Summary of Benefits & Coverages

  • Affordability Standard Compliance

  • Minimum Essential Coverage Valuation

  • IRS Section 6055 & 6056 Reporting

  • Delivery of All Required PPACA Notices

  • Calculation of the PCORI & Transitional Reinsurance Fees

  • Preparation for Cadillac Tax 

Affordable Care Act

  • Creation and Delivery of Part D Creditable Coverage Notices

  • Group Retiree Plans

  • Distribution of Employer CHIP Notices

  • Consistent, non-biased & compliant administration of all FMLA Claims

  • Monitor & Track absences


FMLA Administration


Affordable Care Act

COBRA Administration

  • Delivery and Maintenance of Required Notices 

  • Collecting Payments & Processing Terminations

  • Notice of Privacy Practices Delivery

  • Covered Entity/Business Associates Review HITECH Guidance

HIPAA Compliance

  • Monitoring of Qualified HSA Expenses

  • Distribution of HSA Debit Cards

  • Tracking of Contribution

  • Maintenance of Plan Document

  • Monitoring of Qualified FSA Expenses

  • Distribution of FSA Debit Cards

  • Tracking of Contribution

HSA Administration

Section 125 Administration

(FSA & POP Plans)


See How Corporate Benefit Solutions Can Streamline Your Business

Corporate Benefit Solutions is a new kind of agency that can address all your HR needs with one point of contact. We not only provide innovative benefit solutions, but we will also provide your business with one of a kind service and on-site support. Our team goes beyond traditional benefit packages by providing technology, education, and compliance solutions for your entire organization.  Our main goals are to streamline your HR department and to help your employees use, understand, and appreciate their benefits. 

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