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Cost and Benefit Analysis

Each year, we provide a comprehensive benefit analysis for our customers.  We use claims data and/or illustrative rates to benchmark employers to industry averages. Furthermore, we examine each line of coverage that we administer and ensure that the rates being applied are in line with what the market is offering. Through this analysis, our goal is to create an action plan that will help mitigate cost, while providing a plan (or plans) that is perceived positively by employees.

Report Samples

The below reports are a small sampling of our standard reporting package. Our actual reporting capabilities are customizable and will fit to your personalized needs.

Historical Cost Analysis

This analysis reveals the historical cost and performance of your benefit plans. As your broker, we will track and record this data to provide you with a full scope of where your total costs have been. 

Monthly Trend Analysis

On a per contract per month basis, we will provide a report that reveals what the average cost was. Laid out over several years, employers can begin to forecast expenses and estimate monthly cash flow within the company. 

Compare Rates to the Market

A thorough and complete review of all of your benefit lines of coverage is essential to any benefit offering. Each year, we will examine each line of coverage to ensure that the rates being applied are in line with what the market is offering. 

Industry Benchmarking

Want to stay ahead of your competition? Our industry benchmarking report will keep your organization attractive to any prospective employee in your industry. 

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